Export my data to maps

Hi, I uploaded sentinel-3 images over a three year period (2019, 2020 and 2021). Then on the Snap software, I cut my study area (Raster-Subset), selected the parameters I needed (CHL, TSM, ADG and KD 490). Finally, I grouped the images (Raster-Collocation) and calculated the average (Raster-Band-maths) in order to obtain 12 images from January to December for each year. Now I would like to know how to export my data to obtain maps like the following image for each parameter?

Mapping options in SNAP are very limited. You could export your maps as images (png) or TIFF and process them with a GIS software, To export as images you have “pconvert” in gpt.

OK, thanks.
Concerning the grouping of images in collocation and the calculation of the average (band-maths) of the sentinel-3 images, I would like to know if I was not mistaken. Here are for example my January images (2019, 2020 and 2021), can you explain this process to me so that I am sure that I am not mistaken?

If your images are all in the same or similar orbits, you could use the L3 binning tool for doing the monthly average without collocating first.

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Ok well understood.
Can you show me how it works, I’m new to it and I’m running out of time since it’s a memoir I’m writing.

I suggest you look in the SNAP help and look for L3-Binning in this forum. That would be the fastest thing to do.

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Hello here is my data already selected and added in the settings, at the level of the filter and the configuration can you help me?

Click in the plus and the “Edit Agregator” will show up. Select AVG + source band name. You can also use the valid pixel expression below if there are some values or flagged pixels that you do not want to take into account.