Export Single and/or Different Look from SLC Data

Hi there,

I am working with Sentinel-1 SAR for ocean swell direction.
I need to create the cross-spectra image using 2 SAR image of the same scene with “slightly” different acquisition time, which I could obtain by extracting the 2 different single looks.
Is that possible to do that using SNAP with Sentinel-1 SLC Data?
The main reference could be seen here https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/406690/ (Engen and Johnsen, 1955)

Thank you very much!

You did not say what Sentinel-1 SAR mode you are trying to use. If the Sentinel-1 data was acquired in TOPS mode, then the TOPS azimuth scanning will prevent you from extracting two different azimuth looks with small time separations. People like me who study land deformation use a similar technique to separate multiple azimuth looks and do interferometry. This method of separating the azimuth spectrum into different looks only applies to stripmap or regular ScanSAR modes. It won’t work for TOPS mode.

In any case, this type of advanced processing is not in SNAP as far as I know.

Hi @EJFielding,

Thank you for your answer, really appreciate it!
Yes, I forgot to mention that I was using the S-1 SAR SLC in TOPS mode.
It seems that in the case of Sentinel-1, the azimuth separation could only be obtained using the stripmap mode, which it’s data repository is pretty limited on the open ocean areas.
I would like to ask for a quick guide on exporting the single look, but I think it would be better to start another post since you mentioned that the processing is not available in SNAP.