Export to netcdf

I have a problem when I´m trying to export an N1 file to netcdf. If I export only one file all is Ok but for several data in batch processing I cannot export to netcdf, files keep N1 extension and the size of file increase. please help me

How are you doing the batch processing?

Firstable I create the graph building to export netcdf-beam and then with this graph safed I used batch processing, adding files ASA WVS, level 1 product, but when I try to export to netcdf size’s files increase considerably and conserve N1 extension.

The batch processing replaces the read/write nodes of a graph. It will
be the format specified in the ‘saves as’ of the batch processing.
For Geotiff and HDF5 I get proper extensions added to the files. For
netcdf, no extension is added but the result should be netcdf.

Thanks for your answer, I forget to say you that after program produce this file with N1 extension, I get a warning message saying "this type of product is not suported!..
I will try, but you know why size’s file increase?, When I export only one product from the export option on file menu, the size´s file doesn´t increase, I don’t know why it happens.