Export to TIFF yields a strange product with bands tiled beside each other

Hello all,

This is an intermittent problem I’ve been running into for a while when exporting a Beam-DIMAP product to TIFF. The issue happens to me in the GUI as well as when using SNAP from the java files directly.

The strange TIFF file (either GeoTIFF or BigTIFF) has as many bands as the original product and the same pixel dimensions, but the pixel values are completely off. The image saved as a TIFF appears to be a tiling of NxN lower-resolution reproductions of the original N-band product. Screen shots below show the first band of the original .dim product (left) and the first band of the resulting TIFF file (right). Any idea how this is happening ?


This won’t answer your question but can help you anyway ; When I want to export my data, I rather choose to terrain correction or ellipsoid correction in order to produce a georeferenced hdr/img that I can drag/drop in any GIS I want.