Exporting Band Math Results to ARCGIS

I obtained L2A Sentinel-2 images using sen2cor then I performed some bandmath to detect chl-a. I want to export the product to ArcMap so I can add other layers and also use the high-resolution basemap images that they have.

As stated here: How to export data from Snap
I tried resampling and exporting to GEOTIFF as well as saving in BEAM-DIMAP format but neither of them opened in ArcMAP.

What’s the best way to export sentinel-2 imagery for use in ArcMap?
Ideally, I would want to preserve the BOA reflectance values in 0 to 1 format. Thanks!


Exporting to GeoTIFF is the right procedure. Could you explain which error did you face when doing it? (beam-dimap format will not be read by ArcMap)


That’s correct. ArcMap can’t open BEAM-DIMAP, but maybe it can open the Envi *.hdr files contained in the *.data directory.

Thank you for the reply. I was initially getting the error where even the GeoTIFF images were appearing as just white and black stripes on the screen. Apparently, it was just a corrupt file and it happened even when I tried to reopen the same file in SNAP.

I tried the process again and it is working now through the use of .hdr files from the data folder as @marpet suggested.

It worked, thank you very much.