Exporting bands

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Is there anyway to export all the bands of MSI from Sentinel 2 tool box or individual bands and later imported into another free-view software’s like QGIS

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It should be possible to open it in 10 meter resolution and export it to e.g. NetCDF4-CF. Other formats might lead to a data explosion, because they don’t support compression.

Thanks Marpet, Appreciate your reply. Will try that procedure.

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Hi Vish,

actually QGIS uses GDAL library for raster data, that supports JPEG200 format.
You can directly open ‘…/GRANULE/…/IMG_DATA/*.JP2’ files with native resolution in QGIS using the “Add raster” function.

In order to display Sentinel-2 data in RGB, I suggest the generation of Virtual Raster (.vrt) files.


I would suggest using the Semi-Automatic Classification plugin. You can download Sentinel 2 scenes (or granules) and export directly to geotiff, creating the VRT in the same process. Converting from jp2 to tiff will immensely increase the disk space required to store s2 images.


You can download st2 images with Luca’s Congedo plugin (SACP) directly from qgis, perform radiometric conversion, composite bands, create vrt and classify the image.

Luis Leitão

I used the Luca Congendo’s plugin (SCP) for QGIS. I downloaded several times the same granule because some bands were corrupt. Did you have the same problem?

N. Fiscante

Today I have a probkem with a S2 imagem. The error was that the images if the same pack didn’t match. In fact when we see the imagens it seem’s to be a problem because the images seem to be dismatch but in fact the image is correct but the clouds have move and I thinks that is the problem. From an band to another the clouds have moved causing the efect that the bands didn’ match. Please reply if anyone have seen the same. Sorry for my english.

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Luis Leitão

I have merged the the red, green, blue and near infrared bands and then clipped the merge to my study area. So i was asking if it would be possible to export the bands after i have clipped them in QGIS. Thanks in advance.

You can simply export the clipped scene to GeoTiff for example. Just go to File / Export / GeoTiff in the menu.