Exporting OLCI WFR TSM as GeoTIFF


I need to export as GeoTiff only TSM band.
I use to follow the steps: Export->GeoTIff->Subset.
The problem is that the resulting tiff has not the same values that i can see into SNAP.

I tried different ways to solve it but none worked.

Could anyone help me?

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For GeoTiff the raw values are exported. Without the scaling and offset of the band.
You can either look up these values in the Information Window for the band and apply the values on the exported GeoTiff. Alternatively, you can, before doing the subset, create a new band by the band math.
As expression simply use the name of the TSM band. Iā€™m not sure if really necessary but it is better if you ensure that the Virtual option is disabled.

Thank you very much for your answer.

I also tried to run Convert Band and seems to work as well.