Exporting to ENVI

Hi all,
I am trying to export Sentinel-2 L2A products, at 10m resolution, to ENVI, but I have noticed that the output resolution is less than 10 (9.993). Any idea to solve this issue? Can anybody help me?
Thanks in advance.

I made the export and got 9.999089241027832 as size.
I first resampled the product to the resolution of B2 (10m) and then made a subset containing only B2 and exported this one.
How have you done it?

I’ve opened the L2A product resampled at 10m resolution, then I 've made an spatial subset with all the bands. Finally, I’ve exported it to ENVI format.

If I do it like you’ve described it I get the same result.
But I wouldn’t be too much concerned about the 7 cm. As the absolute geolocation uncertainty is 20 m or at maximum 12.5 m.

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Actually it is 7 mm.

Sorry for the delay.
The point is that after 1000 pixels, the acumulated error is 7 m. This could be a problem in order to compare with another images like Landsat.
When you exported to geotiff, the resolution is exactly 10m.
Thank you very much, Marpet!

Hi Gongrau,

indeed there was a wrong calculation.
So this will be fixed with the next release.

Thanks for the report.

Thank you very much, Marco