Extracting backscattering value with Decomposition H-Alpha

Dear all,
I use 1a sentinel data to do H-alpha decomposition and extract the scattering value, I do the process as shown.

when extracting the scattering value using profile plot why is there no vv / vh band ??

You lose the VV/VH band in the Polarimetric Matrices step were these are converted in to C2 or T2 matrix. And after polarimetric decomposition you get the scattering elements. If you want all of these in the final product you have to join the outputs of the operators with Band Merge.

the final product I did was determine the value of R2 in the H-alpha decomposition, but the value I saw was like the entropy mean/sigma.
on the entropy value of sigma and mean entropy, what is the mean and sigma value?

sigma in this context is the standard deviation of all values along this plot.

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