Extracting time from filename

Hi, I’m extracting pixel value from a set of files, and I want to get the dates and time from the filename and I use these commands with the gpt

-PextractTimeFromFilename=true -PfilenameInterpretationPattern=*_${startDate}*.nc

In my output file I only get the date, not the time. I couldn’t see in gpt -h any more specifications on time, and I didn’t not manage to do the PixEx with a graph file.

The date and time format of the file is like this:


Should I do it differently?

From gpt PixEx -h:

  -PdateInterpretationPattern=<string>         Describes how a date/time 
                section inside a product filename should be interpreted. E.G. 

I think we haven’t considered the ‘T’ as a date-time separator.
Maybe you can replace the ‘T’ by ‘-’?
However, we will address this in the future.