Fail in "radiance to reflectance" for S5S6 SLSTR S3

When I try to convert radiance bands(S5S6 SLSTR S3) to reflectance using Optical -> Rreprocessing -> Radiance to Reflectance Processor, the sensor option in Processing Parameters cannot choose SLSTR.
However, the description in the Help Document is “The processor currently supports OLCI, SLSTR and MERIS”.
I can only see “OLCI” and “MERIS” in the option, how can I solve this problem?

Thanks for your suggestions very much!

Unfortunately the documentation is wrong. We had the intention to implement it for SLSTR but we haven’t.

Thank you, Macro. :wink:
What should I do if I want to convert radiance of band S5 and S6 to reflectance, any suggestion?

No, unfortunately not.