Fails in test connection and orbit file download: 301 netbeans moved permanenty


I’m new to snap (version 9.0, python version 3.6) and I wanted to download orbit files for S1-GRD products but whenever I try to add the “Apply Orbit File” box to my graph, snap crashes and I have to kill it manually with the system monitor. After some investigation I noticed that my proxy connection doesn’t work either (Tools>Options>WWW>‘Test connection’ returns a red exclamation mark). Nevertheless, I am able to check for updates and download plugins sucessfully so I don’t think the proxy settings are wrong. After some inspection with wireshark I noticed that my HTTP request (when I perform a ‘test connection’) returns 301 Move permanently. The error seems to be related to netbeans but I have no idea where to do modifications to solve the error. Does anyone have a idea how to solve this ?

Update: after waiting almost an hour I get this message when trying to apply orbit files: