File esa in default system is read only

Each time I import a SAR file in SANP 5.0 I get this message: file esa in default system is read only

What does it means?

Thank you

What kind of SAR data(sensor, mode, product level) are you using and how do you import it?


I’m using TerraSAR-X stripmap SLC dual pol HH VV and I import it via File > Import > SAR sensors, introducing the terrasarX .xml file.
I don’t know why this message is coming out, but, at the end the processing come together.

Thank you

in this case I have no clue what could have caused the error, sorry.

Ok. Thank you anyway

Is there some more information around this message?
I can’t find the message in our sources, maybe it comes from a library we use.
Probably you don’t need to worry about it, if the processing works.

I’ve never seen this. Is the TerraSAR-X product an original product? What OS are you using? Could it be some temp folder is read only? Check your .snap folder. Is the drive containing your .snap folder full?