Format of the data land cover external files

Hi, I want to add the external files of sand, clay and crop to obtain soil moisture.

I add the tiff of sand and clay, and in the case of crop in shp, but it does not work, the result is empty.

I try to use it in Costa Rica. Please if someone can help me.


if you want to add rasters to existing products in SNAP you first import them and then use the collocation tool. Vectors can be imported through a separate import. It is important that these external data have the same projection (coordinate reference system) as your data in SNAP.

Please explain your problem a bit more. How have you imported the data and what exactly is empty?
You can use additional screenshots for illustration.

Thanks for the answer.

Ohh sure, I want to calculate Soil Moisture using Sentinel-1 with IEM Multi-Angle Inversion, but when I select AddLandCover, I using “GlobalCover” and add the data of Sand and Clay -both in the same projection- but I search the data in the directory of the PC. Later when the process end the results are empty.