Forthcoming Sentinel-2 L1C product evolution in Autumn 2016

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Pay attention in this major product evolution.

See details there:

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Thanks @Olivier for the notice.

Please all be informed that the S2TBX development team plans to make the S2TBX reader ready for supporting the new format as soon as possible, before products are released to end-users.

Of course we will also maintain support for the current format (PSD 13.1) so that all products already downloaded will open seamlessly in the toolbox.

The first phase of the format change (single-tile package format, in September) should not involve changes in S2TBX.
The second phase will require a module update for S2TBX. Both new and old product formats will be supported and will be imported identically in SNAP (same band/mask/… names), so any SNAP application/graph working with PSD13.1 will work transparently with PSD 14 products.

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Are these changes going to affect the running of sen2cor?

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Could you reply to Lufuno’s question?

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Breaking news and product samples:
Sentinel-2 sample product featuring the forthcoming Level-1C product format change


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News on new Product Format availability

Referring to the Sentinel-2 Level-1C products format evolution described in the news of 5 August, and further to the introduction on 21 September of the products distribution in single-tile packages, ESA is pleased to announce that the new products will start being distributed according to the final format subject of this evolution starting on Tuesday 6 December.

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S2 MPC Operations Manager