FRP sentinel3 products

The FRP sentinel3 product has been recently released and it is now officially available for all the users. Is it planned to make this product readable with SNAP? at the moment the product is made of 3 different NetCdf files that can not be managed as it is possible with the other Level2 products in SNAP

Thanks for any reply :wink:

Hello Antonio,
a reader for the FRP products is available in the Sentinel-3 Toolbox since version 7.0.1. Can you check whether you have the latest version?

This is my current version of SNAP on Ubuntu :

I can actually load the xml file contained in the FRP folder, but then nothin appear in the product explorer of SNAP. Where is the problem?

I will wait for some help from @TonioF with hope & faith :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

Hello Antonio,
sorry, your first answer somehow slipped by. What you are showing me is the version of SNAP (Desktop & Engine). What matters here is the version of the S3TBX, a few tabs to the right. If it is below 7.0.1, I recommend you to go to Tools->Plugins and check for updates. If you have the right version or still cannot open a FRP product, can you check whether you get an error message (in the lower right corner) and post it here?

Hi!! sorry for the delay of my reply!!!
Actually on last saturday, after opening SNAP, there was an automatic update of the S3TBX and after this , the FRP product is fully readable. So it seems the problem is solved now!!! thanks for the moment!!!

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Yes, I was just about to announce it. But you noticed it already :slight_smile:

I hope I did not destroy the surprise moment :wink: