Gdal calculate ratio between vh/vv Sent1 db data


I’m trying to use GDAL on Sent1 tiles I’ve pulled down from their S3 bucket. I already filter and store the information from gdalinfo for these tiles for their vv_db, vh_db, lin_vh and lin_vv values.
As an example for a particular tile.

  dbVh: {
    min: -19.56399917602539,
    max: -13.571653366088867,
    mean: -16.39284586916065,
    std_dev: 1.0146125116967974
  dbVv: {
    min: -11.254188537597656,
    max: -3.046273946762085,
    mean: -8.561341030538962,
    std_dev: 0.858966764037174
  linVh: {
    min: 0.011056051589548588,
    max: 0.04393743351101875,
    mean: 0.023577446798159707,
    std_dev: 0.0055158179780910605
  linVv: {
    min: 0.07491713762283325,
    max: 0.49587544798851013,
    mean: 0.14210139843945446,
    std_dev: 0.030143661542395162

These same tiles are then used with gdaldem and a colour config text file.

Now I want to calculate the ratio of vh_db and vv_db tile and then run the same process detailed above, however I wonder if it is sufficient to run:
gdal_calc -A <pathVH> -B <pathVV> --NoDataValue=0 --outfile=<outPath> --calc="A/B" ?