Generate L2A Homogeneous time-series

Dear all,
I would like to verify if is it possible to generate a homogeneos time-series using Sen2cor.
I require a time series ranging from 2016-2022.
At the moment I am using Sen2cor 2.8.0, but as far as I know, images from 2016 can only be corrected by Sen2cor 2.5.5. I tryed Sen2cor 2.9.0, but it also can’t process 2016.
With the recent Sen2cor 2.10.01 I observed that it can only process the most recent images.

Is it ok to use images processed from different Sen2cor versions? Which are the possibilities?

Best Regards.

The best option would be to wait until reprocessing of Sentinel-2 archive is done. However, I am afraid it is too late for you. Don’t expect it before autumn 2023.
Alternatively, I can only recommend you processing the old images with Sen2Cor 2.5.5. It is acceptable if the images you like to process contain vegetation. Then Sen2Cor processing is done with the DDV-algorithm implemented in Sen2Cor which was not much changed from 2.5.5 until now (except some bug fixes). You may verify this with the SRN document (Software Release Notes) provided together with Sen2Cor download.