Generate Sentinel-2 View Zenith Angle band only

I am new with the snappy API. I would like to implement a python script capable of generating Sentinel2 view azimuth angle (VZA) band.
At the moment I am using the following script:

import sys
from snappy import jpy, ProductIO
import snappy

def s2_resampler(product, resolution=10, upmethod='Bilinear', downmethod='Mean', flag='FlagMedianAnd', opt=False):
    res = str(resolution)
    resampler = jpy.get_type('org.esa.s2tbx.s2msi.resampler.S2ResamplingOp')
    op = resampler()
    op.setParameter('targetResolution', res)
    op.setParameter('upsampling', upmethod)
    op.setParameter('downsampling', downmethod)
    op.setParameter('flagDownsampling', flag)
    op.setParameter('resampleOnPyramidLevels', opt)

    return op.getTargetProduct()

def main():
    product = ProductIO.readProduct('/path/to/S2.SAFE/')
    p_s2tbx = s2_resampler(product)
    band_names = p_s2tbx.getBandNames()
    print("Bands:   %s" % (list(band_names)))

    w, h = product.getSceneRasterWidth(),product.getSceneRasterHeight()
    band = 'B4'
    product_vaa = snappy.Product('view_azimuth_angle', p_s2tbx.getProductType(), w, h)
    snappy.ProductUtils.copyGeoCoding(product, product_vaa)
    snappy.ProductUtils.copyBand(vaa, p_s2tbx, vaa, product_vaa, True)
    ProductIO.writeProduct(product_vaa, '/path/to/output/filename',  'GeoTIFF')

However, s2_resampler, performs the resampling in the entire product. Since I need only the VZA resampled, is there a way to improve this calculation and not perform the resampling on all bands or to generate only the VZA band?