Geo-Correction_of Sentinel_1

While I am attempting to download Sentinel_1 SLC data - it is showing preview as correct with underlaid (reference-OSM) map.

But once after I got download the data - preview showing inverted

The same inverted data appears in SNAP-working environment.
How can I rectify this…

you should verify if your orbit is ascending or descending !
after calibration of your image .
and you do the geometric correction

how can I change orientation of orbit? (even after calibration)


any methodology… behind it let me know…!

why do you want to change it?

If you calibrate and then execute Range Doppler Terrain Correction your image is ‘right-side-up’

you dont need to change orientation of orbit

1-just calibrate your image (Radiometric calibration)
2-multilooking (if you need it)
3-geomertic correction ( Radar-> geometric-> terrain correction->Range Doppler Terrain Correction