Geocoded intensity from Sentinel-1 SLC

Hi guys,

I’m currently trying to make a graph that will output a geocoded intensity image from a Sentinel-1 SLC product. I know GRD would be a better option, but I will be doing some coherence later on, so it makes sense to stick with an SLC from the start.

I’ve attached the graph I’ve used so far, but I can’t find a way to geocode the calibrated image before writing it. Anyone got any ideas? Sorry I’m new to SNAP! I’ve attached an image of the graph below


Thanks for any help!

As far you need the phase information you should use SLC data (as you have mentioned as well). Then I would suggest:

TOPSAR Deburst
Thermal noise removal
Apply Orbit file (adds information about the geometric location of the product)
Calibration to Beta0
(Speckle filtering)
Radiometric terrain flattening (if you do not have too much topography, you can omit this step)
Range Doppler Terrain Correction