Geographic product library query with AOI intersection

I find very useful the product library tool implemented in snap toolbox.
I often use the geografic bounding box to filter images that I need for my job. Nevertheless, the problem is when my Area of Interest is included in more than one single Sentinel-1 product. In fact the geographic bounding box selection method allows the selection of only those images that INCLUDE all the bounding box drawn. I need to select all those images that INTERSECT the bounding box.

How can I filter the query results? Is it possibile to add an option to choose if the images shall INCLUDE or INTERSECT the bounding box?

Thank you very much


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Hi Luca,

this would be a nice improvement. I’ve noted this in our issued tracker.
At the moment this is not possible. You need to extend your area to include the other products, too.

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Hi marpet, thank you very much for the feature that you and Cecilia added.
I noticed a strange behaviour of the intersection feature that was added to product library selection by AOI.

When selecting the “intersect” option, other products are included, but not ALL. I cannot understand why, because depending on which is the AOI extension, some products are added, while other not, even if they “intersect” the bounding box of the AOI.
The same happens along the same track of between adjacent tracks.

Did you notice the same behaviour?

No, I haven’t noticed it. But I’m not using the Product Library, so couldn’t notice it.
Have you seen any commonality between the products which are not considered by the Intersect option?

I’ve put it into our issue tracker: SNAP-930

No, sadly I could not find any commonality :sweat:

Trying to find any commonality, it seems that switching from “intersect” to “inside” option, and even selecting again the same AOI, has no effect if other filters (like track or orbit direction) are active. The option intersect does its job only if no other filter is applied, but in this way it is poorly useful…

Thanks for the info. This will be helpful when fixing this issue.

Thank you, marpet. I am performing some other tests, but it seems like the option behaviour depends from AOI too…some times the results changes from inside to intersect option. Some others not. I am confused…

May be this will be helpful:
It seems that, with the option “intersect”, products are included in the query results list if:

  • the AOI is completely contained into the product
  • the AOI contains at least a CORNER of the product

If the AOI intersects product boundaries but does not contain any product corner, the product is not listed into the query results

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Wow that is odd…well spotted.