Geometry from WKT

Here’s a new issue related to importing WKT. It can be replicated as follows:

  1. Load the product:
  2. Open the intensity band of any subswath.
  3. Go to Vector -> Geometry from WKT and paste POLYGON ((-6.836904122773189 37.339906877047703,-6.974919869843501 37.240484037217094,-6.817678048554439 37.157348938725931,-6.588338448945064 37.275460891205142,-6.672795846406001 37.33062569180521,-6.836904122773189 37.339906877047703)). Click on OK.
  4. You’ll see the polygon is always drawn outside the image. There seems to be a shift in range.

Note: I’m using the latest version from git.


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Before you can do this the product needs to be deburst.
Even then, the coordinates would be affected by the slant geometry.
In order to accurate place a vector given in lat lon, the product should be geocoded.

Thanks for replying Luis. I will do that then.