Geoprojection issues

Dear developers,

Working in polar contexts, the classical geoprojection in lat/long (EPSG:4326) is rarely used. Instead, we are often using the polar stereographic (for Antarctica) (EPSG:3031).

This projection transformation is implemented in SNAP. Excellent ! However, while the transformation creates quite light images in 4326, the transformation is suuuuuuuuuuper heavy for the 3031.

As an example, all other parameters being equal, an image of 91 Mo in 4326 becomes 43 Go in 3031.

I don’t know if developers are aware of the issue


I see you moved my topic to another. Well I don’t think my problem has something to do with any DEM issue.

If I use the Ellipsoid Correction - Geolocation Grid for example (that does NOT use any DEM) geoprojected images weigh 9.1 Go in 4326 and … 4.3 To for 3031 !!

I see @jun_lu and @lveci are the authors, maybe they are aware of this

I didn’t move anything actually :slight_smile: I just linked to this one because there was a question on the projection of polar DEMs.

Sorry I misinterpreted the forum’s notification :sweat_smile: