Geotiff export from sentinel 1 always creating problems while opening in SNAP or Arcmap

I exported a Geotiff image from Sentinel selecting only one band from Band selector operator but it is giving me error while opening. I am facing this issue over a week. Kindly advice. I have done all the preprocessing Calibrate>speckle filter>Terrain correction and converted to db

if you converted to dB by right-click > Linear to/from dB the product is only virtual. That means, it is dependent from the original image. If you try to export it without the source image, you actually get a message telling you that the output will be 0 MB.

Right-click it again and select > Convert band
Then use File > Save Product. Only then, the dB image is physically written on your hard drive.

Then try again to export it.

I often gets a 2.5Gb geotif and is not 0 mb. And I cannot convert the band also. I am attaching a screenshot of the TOC.

I see. In your first post, you named the conversion to dB at last. This is why I came to this idea.

In your case, the dB images were written before the Filtering and therefore, they were transferred as permanent rasters to the subsequent products.

Have you tried opening the img file inside the data folder directly in ArcMap?

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Most likely to be an ArcMap issue (problems with float32 GeoTIFF). Switch to QGIS and save money.

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Opening the img files works fine

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It works really well…! Thank you so much