GeoTools Version

Hi SNAP support,
Is there a way to view the version of GeoTools (and ideally anything else) SNAP is running? Is this the same version that would come with the 9.0.0 release?
Thank you!

There is now option to view the versions in SNAP.
But you can have a look at the pom.xml file.
Here linked for the released version 9: pom.xml at v9.0.0 (
GeoTools is at version 20.0 for SNAP 9.

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Thanks, that is helpful to know.
I saw in another pom.xml file on github that the 10.0.0 snapshot is at GeoTools version 28.2, is this snapshot a running version of SNAP or is there any way that I would be able to update the version of GeoTools in SNAP 9.0.0 to a more recent version?

No this is not possible. This later GeoTools version is not compatible with SNAP 9.
But a new release of SNAP is not far away. Scheduled for the end of this month.
Why do you want to use a later GeoTools version with SNAP?

The current version in SNAP 9 is GeoTools 20 which is less than 24.7 so it would have the critical vulnerability. I don’t need version 28.2 in particular but I was hoping to be able to update it to one of the patched versions.

I’m currently not aware that we use these filters in SNAP. So, I think you are not at risk, at least not at a substantial risk.

Thanks for reviewing it. That is helpful and great to know that the new version will be out in a few weeks anyway.