GLaSS training material


I am currently working on my Thesis and required to work with OWT (optical water calssification tool) implemented in Snap. To get a better grip of it I wanted to take a look into the training material but all the links dont seem to work. Anybody got some tips how to find the lessons?
Any help is much aprecciated!


I guess you are referring to this page:
It would be best if you contact the project maintainer. Use the email you find on the contact page (

I found some slides about OWT. Already a bit old, but might help you.

Yes exactly. Ok thanks i will try my luck there. Thanks for your time.

A colleague sent me two more documents with background information:

Thanks a lot! I have a lot of theoretical input and was just hoping to get some practical showing from the lessons as i was having some trouble with the resampling and classification of different data types. I hope I can reach out here later if I cannot solve all the problems by myself.