GLCM texture image shows min and max greater than 1


I am calculating GLCM for segmentation purposes. The raster is a Sigma0 product that is inputted into the SNAP toolbox. I access GLCM via
Raster>Image Analysis>Texture Analysis> GLCM

The GLCM parameters used are:

  1. Window Size - 5x5
  2. Angle - 0 degree
  3. Quantizer - Probabilistic Quantizer
  4. Quantization levels - 64
  5. Displacement - 1

All 10 textures are generated but the min and max value of the pixels is found to be 3.0103 and 21.0037 respectively.
Since the GLCM is a probability output, the values should be between 0 and 1 but it is not showing that - Why?

Am I missing a step?



Hi SS07, did you ever get an answer to this? Having similar issues with my results too, although my parameters are different (Window size 11 x 11, Angle all, quantizer probabilistic, 64 levels and displacement 2).

have you tried Sigma0 dB as an input (log scale)?

Hi @ABraun…the GLCM output on Sigma0_db is still not within 0 to 1 scale

I am not sure if minimum and maximum are part of the declared GLCM features.