Gpt command line in Ubuntu

I am trying to use SNAP (or NEST) command line in Ubuntu after having used Windows only. For NEST the environment variable is correctly defined, but gpt is still not working in the Terminal.

I have added the NEST path to /etc/environment/ (as described here ) but somehow it is not recognizing gpt commands

EDIT: I just see that gpt is working if I type “” at the command line rather than “gpt” as in windows or Mac … is this the expected behaviour and meant to be like this?

Yes, adding the “.sh” is necessary since, unlike Windows, executables in Unix systems usually do not have a file type extension and the command line interpreter does not look for “” when running “gpt”, like it does in Windows for “gpt.bat”.

Could you in a future version add a note in the help files regarding this? Maybe it is obvious for those experienced in Linux, but it took me quite a while to figure out since the help files talk about “gpt” …

I installed the new beta version, added the environment variable /home/max/snap/bin

But now the command is gpt and not anymore on Linux, different than in NEST and to your answer above. Was that just changed in this version and will stay this way?