GPT command line with Python: dealing with Graphs.xml and parameters associated

Hi dears,

In order to process automatic processing chains for Dinsar over all subswaths/all bursts, I wrote some pythons scripts. It’s working great on my examples, but some questions for automatisation:

1/ why IW1 subswath on my example got 10bursts when others got 9 ?

2/ is there a way to enter something like “take all bursts available” instead of specific number?

3/ For multilooking, fixing rangelook to 6 is ok, but azimuthlook is varying accoring to the subswaths. This field is automaticly filled on the snap interface, is that possible to make it automatic with gpt command?

4/ Same for automatic projection when DopplerTerrainCorrection, is that possible with gpt parameters ?

Thanks a lot!
Ps: any documentation about this topic is welcome.
Ps2: I know about Snappy and I find it not reliable.