GPT error messages when L3 binning

Hi, I already posted about differences I’m getting between GTP and VISAT when L3 binning MERIS data in the BEAM forum:

I tried the same exercise with S2tbx and got the same result. I’m guessing these posts go to the same people, but just in case!

However, this post is about the error messages I also get when doing the L3 binning with s2tbx, though a mean product is generated at the end:

  • sh /home/jhanafin/s2tbx-1.0/bin/ Binning -p /home/jhanafin/coasteye/xml/L3bin_merisCC_wford_test.xml -e
    [INFO] 2015-07-07T11:03:30.410+0100 - JAI tile scheduler parallelism set to 4
    [INFO] 2015-07-07T11:03:31.425+0100 - JAI tile cache size is 512 MB
    [INFO] 2015-07-07T11:03:31.426+0100 - JAI tile scheduler parallelism is 4
    [SEVERE] 2015-07-07T11:03:31.511+0100 - org.esa.beam.framework.gpf.jpy.PyOperatorSpi:PyOp conflicts with org.esa.beam.framework.gpf.jpy.PyOperatorSpi:PyOp
    [SEVERE] 2015-07-07T11:03:31.514+0100 - org.esa.beam.pixex.PixExOp$Spi:PixEx conflicts with org.esa.beam.pixex.PixExOp$Spi:PixEx
    [SEVERE] 2015-07-07T11:03:31.516+0100 - org.esa.beam.smac.SmacOperator$Spi:SmacOp conflicts with org.esa.beam.smac.SmacOperator$Spi:SmacOp
    [SEVERE] 2015-07-07T11:03:31.516+0100 - org.esa.snap.gpf.ProductSetReaderOp$Spi:ProductSet-Reader conflicts with org.esa.snap.gpf.ProductSetReaderOp$Spi:ProductSet-Reader
    [SEVERE] 2015-07-07T11:03:31.517+0100 - org.esa.snap.gpf.SubGraphOp$Spi:SubGraph conflicts with org.esa.snap.gpf.SubGraphOp$Spi:SubGraph
    [SEVERE] 2015-07-07T11:03:31.517+0100 - org.esa.snap.gpf.FindImagePairOp$Spi:Find-Image-Pair conflicts with org.esa.snap.gpf.FindImagePairOp$Spi:Find-Image-Pair
    … (there’s about 20 altogether)

I was wondering if this occurred because I haven’t yet uninstalled BEAM?



Hi Jenny,

SNAP has no dependencies on BEAM. This annoying output has another reason which we try to fix asap (

Thanks for reporting!
– Norman

No worries, thanks for the response.

We just saw that you’ve used s2tbx 1.0. Version 2.0 beta from should solve the problem.

Ok, thanks a lot.