GPT gdal dll load error


I’m trying to use the GPT in the command line but keep running into this error that stops GPT from starting up

I have 64 bit SNAP running on a 64 bit Windows, with 64 bit python in the environment variable, so I can’t think of why gdal would be giving a Win32 error.

I know I’m probably missing something simple, but thanks in advance for any help

Gpt and GDAL throws an error

GDAL needs to have its own Env variables one in the general “path” and extra variables called “GDAL_DATA” for …/GDAL/gdal-data and “GDAL_DRIVER” for …/GDAL/gdal-plugins.

Might be that, could be multiple GDAL instances on your PC.



Adding the GDAL path variables didn’t seem to help, although in the SNAP command line when I type in gpt it gives the same errors as above but also shows “Error: Failed to initialize velocity engine” although I suspect that just is a result of gdal not being able to load

Also I don’t have gdal installed on my machine so there shouldn’t be multiple instances causing the issue

I appreciate the help though


The message regarding the velocity engine is actually a false error. You can ignore it.
If you don’t have gdal installed there should be no error at all. I’ve informed the people who are responsible for the gdal integration.


Hello @HenryJ, what SNAP version do you use?


I’m using SNAP 6.0, I tried on another computer with a fresh install of SNAP 6.0 and I get the same error. However, a colleague using SNAP 5.0 doesn’t seem to have this issue.


As it seems to be a SNAP 6 preview issue, I moved it into this category