GPT: No product reader found for S2 L2A Scenes (old format)


I´m trying to batch process some Sentinel-2 images using the resample script found here:

This works perfectly for all kinds of L1C Datasets, as well as for newer format L2A data. However, when i try to process L2A scenes in the old format (prior to dec 2016) i get the following error:

Error: [NodeId: ReadOp@sourceProduct] No product reader found for file E:\S2_L2A\S2A_USER_PRD_MSIL2A_PDMC_20160524T122257_R092_V20160524T080539_20160524T080539.SAFE

(The L2A products were created with standalone sen2cor v2.4).

Is this a known error/limitation or am I doing something wrong?

Try to read the .xml file and specify reader .

Something like this could work:
S2_global_processing.xml (1.5 KB)

Otherwise try to read just the Granule files first, the .xml file as well.

Hope it is this issue.


Hi @Hry,

thanks for reporting, this is a bug. It will be fixed in the definitive version 6.
Meanwhile, as proposed by Suprd, it should work if you open the metadata file instead of the folder or also, it should work properly when opening the product folder if you rename before the “S2Axxxxx_report.xml” to something like “aS2Axxxxx_report.xml”.
The origin of the bug is that when opening a folder, the S2 reader looks for a metadata file inside the folder, and currently it is not able to distinguish between the metadata file and the report file, so it thinks there are two metadata files and it is not able to manage this situation.

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Thanks for the quick and helpful responses!
I removed the report.xml files and now everything is working as it should :slight_smile: