GPT operators running on single core when used in a graph


I have noticed that some operators run on single core in GPT when used in a graph, while they run on multiple cores when called from SNAP or as a single operator in GPT (e.g. ‘gpt operator_name’).

I have found this issue on the ‘c2rcc.msi’ and the ‘BiophysicalOp’, unfortunately I did not have time to test other operators. When using the --diag option for the gpt command, I can check all the cores on the machine are available.

Initially I though the problem could be related to the resampling operator I have included in the graph before the above mentioned operators. After removing all the operators from the graph, in order to have it clean like Read -> Operator -> Write, still a single core was used.

Hope the developers may find a solution for this issue.



Thanks for this report. If you find the time, can you run C2RCC on an S2 MSI product saved to BEAM-DIMAP beforehand? And see if still only one core is used?


Dear Marco,

I will have a try. I will also try the solution related to the issue C2RCC problem for S2-MSI
I will update this topic with the results.