GPT output: empty phase and intensity bands

I am running the following graph (below). The graph proceeds normally through processing but the output Phase and Intensity bands are empty.

I am able to process the exact same imagery through the same graph on a the same installation of SNAP (5.0.8) through the desktop application installed on a different machine. I am having trouble in the version of SNAP installed on my linux virtual machine where I am executing the graph through command line.

I believe the error is coming from the Interferogram operator. Can anyone by chance share some thoughts on this?

Thanks in advance!
graph.xml (5.9 KB)

I’ve turned your graph into an attached file. The thread is the better readable.

@cwong and @timmoorhouse can you have a look at this?

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Hi all – I hope you will please excuse my post. This was a simple misunderstanding on my part.

I have resolved the issue and it did not have anything to do with the GPT.

Thank you all just the same for your time and willingness to help!


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