Gpt PixEx input projected coordinates?

Hi I would like to use gpt PixEx with some projected files. When feed with a list of Lat, Lon within the area, the gpt PixeEx -PcoordinatesFile='Lat_Lon.txt' ... runs but say not overlap.
How can I pass projected coords of the current .dim file?


-PcoordinatesFile= Path to a file containing geo-coordinates. BEAM’s placemark files can be used.

This often means gpt didn’t read the coordinates properly. Check the “CSV Conventions” in SNAP Help. Note that SNAP/GPT use the “Tab” character to separate columns, and that some overly helpful editors will insert UniCode “look-alike” characters (e.g., non-breaking spaces).

Thank you for the reply. I indeed made a mistake on the command, not the coord file but the input raster path. it is interesting that it still show the progress ..30%...60%... and I did not check carefully when see the progress.
Problem solved , thank you!