Gpt PixEx keep input table attributes

Hello I have a simple field measure table, and would like to match up with satellite product using gpt PixEx and would like to keep the field measure attributes after the match up. Is that possible?

for example, I have an input -PmatchupFile file:

Name Lat Lon DateTime Attribute1
MB05SBS311 50.63333 96.95000 2016-06-02T14:00:00 12.34

According to gpt help file:

-PincludeOriginalInput=<boolean>                   Determines if the original input measurements shall be included in the output.

I tried to run:
pgt PixEx -PincludeOriginalInput=true -PmatchupFile=file_above.csv ....

but the output ###_measurements.txt does not inlcude the Attribute1 in my input matchup file.

Any explanation/suggestions?
Thank you