Gpt-resample tool creates folder with tiled images - filling up memory on C:\

Dear list,
After atmospheric correction with sen2cor, I am resampling S2 L2A images to 10 m resolution using the gpt command line tool:

gpt.exe resample -e -x -SsourceProduct=path_to_source -PtargetResolution=10 -Pupsampling=‘Nearest’ -t temp_dir/target.dim

I realized that at the resampling step when writing the target.dim data, a folder (e.g. with the name 05b22f0df301d411ebee6a5be99c4424) is created for each granule being processed in this directory: C:\Users\ username \.snap\var\cache\s2tbx\l2a-reader\5.0.7\ and is not deleted later. Such a folder contains tiled tiff images (121 tiles per 10 m resolution bands and 81 tiles per 20 m bands) and is 1.86 GB large. These folders slowly fill up my memory.

Are these folders supposed to be deleted automatically after processing, or do I have to delete them manually?

This folder is regularly cleared, once a week by default.
You can configure how often it is clear in the options of SNAP.

perfect, thanks for the quick response!