Gpt subsetting

Good morning,

I am trying to run the subsetting tool via the gpt command line prompt for some S3 LST images. I am using the following command.

gpt Subset -Ssource=H:\GPP\LST_download\S3B_SL_2_LST____20220101T200337_20220101T200637_20220103T030543_0179_061_071_0900_LN2_O_NT_004.SEN3\xfdumanifest.xml -PfullSwath=True -PsourceBands=LST,LST_uncertainty,cloud_in -PtiePointGrids=sat_azimuth_tn,sat_zenith_tn,solar_azimuth_tn,solar_zenith_tn -PcopyMetadata=True -t H:/LST_subset_second -f GeoTIFF

The output proguct generates correctly and within 30 seconds. However, none of the tiePointGrids which I have specified end up in the output product. I may have misunderstood what the -PtiePointGrids parameter was for.

When performing the subsetting within SNAP the tiepointgrids are added to the output product, so it appears as though the issue is occuring in the gpt command.

best wishes.

Do you have the latest updates of SNAP?
The parameter name tiePointGrids should work since update 8.0.9 of SNAP.
If you are on an older version, you can use the name tiePointGridNames.