Gpt vmoptions allowAuxdataDownload question


I have learned the hard way to minimized my requests to the aux data. Thus I have begun looking into how to require minimal aux data downloads for my processing. My question is one of clarification, using the option -Dsnap.gpf.allowAuxdataDownload=false in gpt.vmoptions and then running s1tbx commands with gpt such as gpt Apply-Orbit-File or gpt Back-Geocoding will use the pre-downloaded orbits and DEM files?

Also, with regards to the orbit files, I have set the directory structure snap requires and put the orbit files in these directories, my one question is does snap require the orbit files to be zipped? And particularly zipped in a certain way? Or can they just be the *.EOF file.


Got to same question. If we download orbits manually we get the *.EOF file directoly and not zipped. Is this a correct input for a S1 preprocessing chain where the Appply-Orbit-File operator is included?


According to my tests, having the *.EOF files in the folder works.