Graph Builder ENVI export


in Graph Builder ENVI export yields an 80-90 Mb large product (.img file) with 0s, while if I run the same process manually I have an appropriate file.

The process is

Read -> BandMaths -> Subset -> Write

If I save the file as BEAM-DIMAP it has the proper data both in Graph Builder version and in manual mode. SO seemingly the ENVI export is not working. What do I miss?

Thanks in advance.

Isn’t the BEAM-DIMAP format fully compatible with ENVI?

It doesn’t answer your question but maybe you can simply skip the ENVI export.

I need the *.img file for the TIMESAT.

it is inside the .data folder of the BEAM-DIMAP product (as an ENVI file consisting of *.img and *.hdr)

That’s right, and when I open the *.img file on itself it contains only 0s, but if I open the *.dim file it contains data.

sorry, I didn’t get that in your first post.

OK, the *.img file does contain data (at least the TIMESAT recognised it). It is just the SNAP shows nothing in that band.

Anyway, thanks for help.

so that means your problem is solved?

SNAP needs the *.dim file, but any other GIS can directly open the *.img-rasters in the data folder.

Yeah, I was (I am) the stupid :smiley: The artificial problem that I created was solved in the end!

And cheers!