Graph Builder - no Range Doppler Terrain Correction

I am trying to process my S1 data with graph builder, but there is no option on Range Doppler Terrain Correction (or I can’t find it).
I want to use this specific type of correction because there is an option of creating Local Incidence Angle map which I need. Do you know if there is other type of correction with this option or where can I find RD Terrain Correction? When I am done with the graph I want to use it in the command line, but in options of ‘Terrain Correction’ I also couldn’t find RD TC. Is it avaliable via gpt?


Now I think that ‘Terrain Correction’ is just the same as Range-Doppler Terrain Correction. Sorry for interrupting!

Hi all - I have the same question and was hoping for some confirmation that the “Radar>Geometric>Terrain Correction>Terrain Correction” option in graph builder is in fact Range-Doppler Terrain Correction. I imagine that it is, but I could not find confirmation in the documentation. Thanks!

its name is slightly different in the graph builder: Radar > Geometric > Terrain Correction > Terrain Correction