Graph with "Polarimetric-Matrices" and "Ellipsoid-Correction-RD" not working?


I’ve got a graph file (see working.xml (4.7 KB)) with the following nodes:

  1. Read
  2. Calibrate
  3. Multilook
  4. Ellipsoid Correction RD
  5. Write

If I add a node for polarimetric matrix generation before multilooking (see notWorking.xml (5.0 KB)), SNAP seems to get stuck and fails to process the graph.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? All processing steps work fine if I do them manually without the graph.

Thanks in advance.

In case anyone encounters the same issue, replacing the “Multilook” node with a “Polarimetric-Speckle-Filter” seems to bypass the problem.

Still, it seems the particular sequence:

“Polarimetric-Matrices” -> “Multilook” -> “Ellipsoid-Correction-RD”

is not working properly.

Polarimetric matrices need to use the complex data. When you calibrate you need to specify to output complex data.

Yes, but that is already specified (see the xml-files that was attached to the first post). The processing chain “Polarimetric-Matrices” -> “Multilook” -> “Ellipsoid-Correction-RD” still doesn’t seem to work.