Graphs & Sentinel-3

I am working with Sentinel-3 OLCI using SNAP 6 on a Linux environment. When creating graphs (or in batch processing) to process S3 data, moving from one processor tab to another is extremely slow - around 1 mn. Anyone had this experience before?


yes, this is known. the time depends on which operators you use and if you have enabled the pixel based geo-coding.
We plan to improve this behaviour in the next releases

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This is annoying for the user @marpet - could you suggest a workaround? For example to disable the geo-codings until the graph is otherwise ready?

Yes, this is annoying but there is not much we can do about at the moment. To reduce the time it might help to enable the pixel geo-coding only right before processing, but this is, I think, only the smaller amount of time. There is no other way to work around this issue, except not to use the Graph Builder at all. This is what I do.
Creating a graph manually is not to difficult. And it is explained in our wiki: Creating a GPF Graph