Help for color pattern

I am grateful for the product sentinel-5p in Eo Browser.
I need a color code to simulate the images you have received from the sentinel-5p (product no2 & o3 & co) in SNAP.
As an example below, the color code is 5_colors.cpd , which is placed in color_palettes:

#BEAM Color Palette Definition File
#Fri Jun 18 15:41:10 CEST 2004
color0 = 0,0,0
color1 = 0,0255
color2 = 51,255,255
color3 = 0.102.0
color4 = 51,204.0
color5 = 255,255.0
color6 = 255,127.5
color7 = 255,0,0
color8 = 0,0,0
numPoints = 9
sample0 = 1.5491888476928795
sample1 = 1.549188863184768
sample2 = 5.32524632065076
sample3 = 9.628811999273577
sample4 = 18.23594335651923
sample5 = 26.84307471376488
sample6 = 44.05733742825616
sample7 = 87.09299421448445
sample8 = 99.6071058000837
autoDistribute = true

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand your post fully. Do you need some help or do you just wanted to provide an example for others?

Oh oh oh
I am sorry,
I want help.
I needed the desired color code.
Color code that can be used for images in SNAP like NO2 and … In the EO Broser.
In this post, there is only an example of code that does not relate to my request.

I think there is no common definition for SNAP and EO Browser how to define the colour coding.
You need to do the colour stretching on your own. I’ve created on colour palette similar to the one used in EO Browser.
ozone.cpd (388 Bytes)

Even when doing as similar colour coding the images in SNAP and EOBrowser look very different.


The values in the product match better to the colours in SNAP.

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What is the reason that the same image visualized with the same color composite (or color palette) in EO browser (and ESA Data Ecosystem) and in SNAP appear differently?