(HELP wanted) Is there a way to compute a raster buffer around a class in a binary band using SNAP?

Hi guys (M and F).

I’m using SNAP 6.0.0 (in Debian, I don’t know if it relates) and I am creating a mask that would label some pixels as null, but It would be really useful to me to equally mark those pixels surrounding these null pixels, similar to a one-pixel buffer operation.

Is there a way to do this in SNAP’s Math Bands option or somewhere else? I’m struggling with this. SNAP’s Help is not covering all the functions listed there and I was wondering if there are new focal functions, windowing or kernel operators or vicinity modifiers included. Thanks for taking the time to read this, any help will be appreciated.

would a minimum3x3 filter do this?

Yes, I think so, is it already implemented somehow? I’m missing it.

Right click your image and select “filter image”. You get to a menu with many filter types and options.

Thank you, I will try this, see if I can get what I want.