How can get the complex data by use the

I download the RAW data from the Sentinel-1A data hub,but I do not know how to get the complex data.If someone have the solution.Please help me ,thank you !

Please download SLC (Single Look Complex) data from scihub, it is a standard product.

Select Advanced search and enter SLC in the product type field

Thank you.well,I use MATLAB read the SLC data,like the following picture.

I don’t know how the real data and imag data arranged.And I want use the raw data realize data compression and imaging.Just like FDBAQ

That is not SLC data as the according to your screenshot the product type is RAW. You can open SLC images in the S-1 toolbox aka. SNAP.

@yao if you want to work with Level-0 data you can start from the S-1 document library:

, where at the top the document S1-RAW_decoding-COPE-GSEG-EOPG-TN-15-0005 should answer your questions at least partially.

I tried to open sentinel 1 level 0 data using SNAP , but in the metadata files no doppler coefficients are given . How can i get the orbital parametres from raw data . Can i use SNAP for the same. Please do reply.