How do I extract value from one raster to another raster

I have one raster contains information of land cover classification (0 for other land covers, 1 for my specific land cover), the second raster contains info about the LAI and the chlorophyll content. What I am gonna do is to extract info from my second raster, so the LAI and CC value assigned to my specific land cover in raster one. Any idea of how to do that in SNAP or any other software?

Thank you

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It is a good start to first stack both images to have them in one product using the “Clollocation” operator.

How do you want to extract the values of your second image regarding the landuse? Do you need an average value per class or do you need statistics of single patches?
Maybe you can post screenshots of your two rasters so we can think of solutions together.

First is the LAI image.
The second is the image raster with classification, only contain two classes (0= others, 1= my specific land cover)
I would like to have the LAI value on the specific land cover (value=1).

alright, I see - thank you.

If you have both products in a stack, let’s say one is LAI and the other is landcover, you can define a valid pixel expression in the properties of the LAI raster: landcover == 1. This will mask all other pixels from your LAI product and you can use the statistics tool grafik to get histograms, average values ect.

Thanks @ABraun. It helps !!!