How do you compare displacement in specific coordinates?

Hello dear users.

I am studying desplacements with the Dinsar technique and i just finished my first process. I obtained a shapefile that is call displacement_VV.

My problem is that i need to compare the Dinsar results with the topographic measurements. In that topographic measurements, i have information about coordinates and displacement and i want to obtain the same information with Dinsar results.

I have seen that the shapefile has that information, but i don’t know how can i get it in a file like excel.

Or, how do you compare displacement in specific coordinates.

Thank you and greetings from Colombia.

displacement_VV is not a shapefile actually, but a raster band.

I’m not quite sure about your “topographic data”, so there are several ways to compare it with the DInSAR result:

  • If these are points, you can try the correlative plot view
  • If these are rasters, you can import and collocate and then jointly analyze both

Maybe you can clarify on the type and structure of the reference data you have so I can give more concrete advise