How i can view sentinel1 L0 product(raw data)

how i can view sentinel1 L0 product(raw data).

Sentinel-1 Level0 is not supported in SNAP. You need at least SLC or GRD data.
May I ask you about your aim?

i need to open it in matlab,for ship detection.

I would suggest GRD data then because it is already in ground range geometry.

but i need a data real time like binary values (echo signal;whith the real part and the imagery part)

I see. The SLC products contain complex data.

i don’t need image data SLC product its a singl look complex image,but i need a raw data to modelise sea clutter and estimate there parameter and after that i will use the CFAR detecteur to detect ships.
because the image data dont containe all the features for the good modelisation of sea clutter i need the L0 product.
Like Mcmaster IPIX sensor database.

the most of previous researche use a SLC ,or Multi-look data.
for me this is not the good way for the good modelisation.
i prefer to combine the raw data and the multi-look data for Ship detection Shcema.

Dear faicelfrh, sorry to use your topic but I was wondering if you have found a way to open the RAW data. I’m looking for some info about decoding RAW data but I haven’t yet found something useful.

have u guys found a way to view/decode or after decoding verify Sentinel1 raw data?
i have decoded the raw data but it is not coming as per desired. Kindly let me know if there is any way to verify my decoding?